Hemslöjden rewards craftsmen and artisans with genuine knowledge who want to develop the craft. Every year we award a number of scholarships.

Hemslöjdens (the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies) scholarships can be applied for by both students and professionals. Some scholarhips are meant for certain purposed, for instance studies. Welcome to apply!

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Bo Hammarskjölds foundation

This scholarship is awarded to individuals that are active within the handicraft field, preferably younger persons, for education that can benefit the Swedish handicraft.

Märtha Gahns foundation

This scholarship is awarded to textile artists with an interest and devotedness to ecclesiastical tasks within the textile arts. It can also be awarded to independent textile artists. The scholarship is to be used for education.

Carl Lamberths foundation

Funds from Carl Lamberths foundation are awarded to designers hired by handicraft societies associated to the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies. The scholarship is to be used for study trips, preferably abroad.

Ingeborg Strömbergs foundation

Funds from Ingeborg Strömbergs foundation is awarded to younger crafts persons that wants improve and develop handicraft and increase their working skills. The scholarship is to be used for education in Sweden.

Greta Johansson’s linen foundation

The scholarship is awarded to a person, association or organisation working with linen. It can be applied for by persons, associations or organisations, who can also suggest a suitable candidate. The jury can also select a candidate.


When the application period is open you will find a link to the online form here, see more information in the FAQ section and specifically ”How do I apply?”.


When can I apply for your scholarships?

The application is open between 15th of August and 15th of September annually.

How do I apply?

Regarding Märtha Gahn, Bo Hammarskjölds, Ingeborg Strömbergs och Carl Lamberths foundations, you apply using an external platform. There you can create your application, fill in the information and attach pictures. We will publish a link on this page when the application is open.

Concerning Greta Johanssons linfond you apply by sending your application by email following these instructions:

  • The attached file must be one document in a pdf-format.
  • Document size must be maximum 20 mb
  • The document must be named following this format:

”Name-of-scholarship_YourName-year”, for example: ”GJ-linfond_AnnaAndersson-2023”.

  • The application must include contact information to the applicant, why you are applying for the scholarship, what you will use the scholarship for and eventual credentials.
  • Email the application to
  • We only process applications submitted during the application period, sent in accordance with the instructions above to the email address specified above.

What scholarship can I apply for?

The scholarships administered by Hemslöjden each has different directions. Some advice is to, in your application, clearly describe how you meet the requirements of the specific scholarship and specify the purpose of your application.

Will I be notified even if I’m not granted a scholarship?

Our ambition is to notify all applicants, regardless of the outcome.

Should I report the results if I’m granted a scholarship?

Currently we do not have a requirement of reporting results of projects that are granted scholarships. However, we’d love to keep in touch and hear about the results of the projects.

When will I know if I have not received a scholarship?

Our goal is to notify all applicants before the end of October.

Can I donate money to one of the foundations?

If you wish to donate money or leave money by will to one of the foundations, you are welcome to contact us for more information. Contact the office at


Märtha Gahn

Textile artist Märtha Gahn (1891 – 1973) were in her career, for instance, artistic director for Svensk Hemslöjd between 1917 – 1933.  After that she managed the education at Handarbetets Vänner between 1933 – 1935. Märtha Gahn was engaged in the handicraft movement and was awarded Hemslöjdens gold medal in 1970 for her work. At her death she donated means to a foundation which would be managed by Hemslöjden.

Bo Hammarskjöld

Bo Hammarskjöld (1891 – 1974) was president for the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies between the years 1938 and 1953. He was awarded Hemslöjdens gold medal in 1951 for his contribution within the field. In connection to his 60th birthday in 1952, funds were deposed to establish a foundation in his name.

Carl Lamberth

Carl Lamberth(1893 – 2000) assumed the role as secretary of the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies in 1939 and held the position for 25 years. The scholarship awarded in Carl Lamberth’s name is to be used for travel and is aimed at young creators who can give Hemslöjden new forms,‘so the movement doesn’t become obsolete’. Carl Lamberth was awarded Hemslöjdens gold medal in 1965. At Hemslöjdens 75th anniversary in 1987 Carl donated funds which initiated this scholarship foundation. The scholarship was handed out for the first time in 1988.

Ingeborg Strömberg

Ingeborg Strömberg(1899 – 1998) bequeathed parts of her estate to the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies. These funds will be managed by Hemslöjden and be handed out as scholarships, and a foundation with this purpose was founded in 1999. Scholarships are awarded to younger crafters which want to make use of and develop the handicraft and expand their professional skills.

Greta Johansson

Greta Johansson (1927 – 2022) was a weaving teacher and, among other positions, worked as a handicraft consultant in Skaraborg between 1958 and 1976. In 1977 she assumed the role of principal at Sätergläntan Institute for handicraft, where she worked until she retired in 1992. In connection to her retirement a fundraising was made, which laid the ground for the linen foundation that is administered by Hemslöjden today. Greta was awarded Hemslöjdens gold medal in 1992 for her work promoting hemslöjd.

Terms and conditions

Information about the terms and conditions when applying for Hemslöjdens scholarship’s. The page is in Swedish at the top, scroll down for English translation.


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