Webinar: Introduction to 1 sqm of flax (in english)

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A Nordic joint project has been established to revitalize flax culture and traditions. The production of flax is not only a question about cultural heritage. Understanding the diverse and laborious processes increases the knowledge of sustainable production and the value of materials.

In the opening webinar 28th March (18.00 UTC+1) we share our knowledge of flax cultivation in the Nordic countries, some Swedish experiences of home cultivation and a bunch of practical tips how to start it yourself. Things get concrete when you take the trip with the fibre and grow yourself one square metre of flax. 

Webinar is held in English, no pre-registration needed and 1,5 hours.

Zoom link to webinar


Nordic Folk Art and Craft Federation Participant countries:

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden



Opening words

Speaker: Maria Jakobsson


Short history of flax cultivation in the Nordic

Speaker: Marjatta Ísberg


Case study: Sweden’s experiences of 2020 project of 1sqm of flax

Speaker: Hillevi Skoglund


Introduction to each country’s plans for the 1sqm of flax project

Speaker: Tarmo Thorström

Sweden: Agneta Carlson

Finland: Kikka Jelisejeff • Estonia Liis Burk

Norway: Linda Thiis • Denmark Lis Brandt

Iceland: Kristín Vala


Guidelines and tips for beginner flax farmers

Speaker: Eva Anderson


Ending of the webinar with a short summary of the day’s topics and a review of the forthcoming webinar(s). Also informing about where to find more information


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