Waistcoat/Bolero with “Ecofur”

This class will be held in english

In this workshop you will make a waistcoat/bolero out of Swedish wool, using carded wool in batts as a base and adding some raw wool on top to give a touch of ”ecofur”, either on the whole surface or just on some part for decoration – the curls standing up leading to a fluffy effect or laying down to make a boucle texture.
You will start by making samples to try different Swedish wools and to find the right combination for your waistcoat. For the pattern, you should bring to the workshop a garment that fits you well (waistcoat/jacket). You can then figure out the exact size and pattern, which then consists of 3 pieces – 2 fronts and 1 back. After laying out the wool and prefelting, these pieces will be joined by dry edges to one whole piece. Then we start to move and throw this piece to let it shrink into the right size. Finally it is very important to shape it well on the body and give a good finish to the waistcoat. For advanced felters only (no beginners).
Time: May 7-10, 9am – 5pm
Place: Hemslöjden i Skåne, Landskrona
Teacher: Heidi Greb, Germany
Cost: 2.500 SEK, materials not included
Last date for booking: 25th March 2018

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Heidi Greb was born in 1968 in Munich. She has completed an apprenticeship as a dressmaker and studied Fashion Design at the ”Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg” (School for Applied Art) in Saxony, Germany. Her Diploma was about ”Clothes out of Felt”. Since 1998 she has been working as a freelance Felt-artist – creating extraordinary clothes and pieces of art by felting, taking part in exhibitions and teaching her technique of felting at workshops, in Germany and abroad. She lives and works in Mittenwald in the Bavarian Alpes, south of Munich, Germany.