Free-style Stitching

Learn how to stitch a portrait by using your sewing machine like a pencil.

Develop your own style of capturing a face in stitch and telling a story within the tiny details of the stitches. This course is for the experimental, adventurous and brave.

We will be working with stitching portraits and how to tell a story in stitch. How to write words with a sewing machine. How to dance with a sewing machine!

Here are some of the things you will work with during the week:

  • Face proportions
  • Finding Light and dark
  • Words
  • Ways of seeing
  • Finding details
  • Portaiture
  • Free motion embroidery
  • Applique

Harriet Riddell is a textile performance artist who travels around the world with her sewing machine stitching portraits and landscapes from life. Harriet’s love of interacting with people and going on adventures inspires her to create her artwork. Harriets stitch drawings appear in a single line of thread, using applique techniques to add colour and words to add a story. Learn to stitch free-style, without drawing on the fabric first and directly stitching this curious world onto canvas.

Follow Harriet here:


Instagram @institchyou

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