Brioche and Tuck Stitch Knitting

The tuck stitch family of knitted stitches are usually worked on knitting machines. In this class, you will learn to knit them by hand.

We will begin with tuck stitches, travel on to brioche stitches (which are the most popular of the tuck stitches) and then how to create beautiful stitch patterns using increases, decreases, crossing stitches, cabling, and many more techniques. By the end of the class, you will understand the construction of these stitches and be able to create your own stitch patterns to use in your own designs.

Datum 16-20 juni 2019

Tid Start kl 8.40 dag 1 och slut kl 12.00 dag 5

Lärare Nancy Marchant

Förkunskaper It is best if you already know how to knit brioche (patent stickning).

Studieort Sätergläntan i Insjön, Dalarna

Kursavgift inkl. lunch, kvällsmat och fika 4 400 kr

I boendet ingår frukost, sänglinne och handdukar. I härbre städar du själv innan avresa.
Enkelrum 3600 kr                   Del i dubbelrum 2500 kr
Enkelrum i härbre 2000 kr      Del i dubbelrum härbre 1500 kr


Bilder: Alexandra Feo